Ducky's Message to the Fans
Hey everyone,
      This is Ducky, and welcome to my new site. I created this site for all you fans out there who are as quacktastic about PORN as I am! There will be daily updates so you can get all the fresh content you want, as well as a humor section so you can take a little break and enjoy your day. If there is one thing we want here at Ducky™ it's for you all to enjoy yourselves. Feel free to e-mail us anytime with suggestions or comments about how we can do a better job.

The History of Ducky

      I was born in a factory in the late 1980s amongst a boon of rubber duckies created in the wake of a popular children's T.V. show. I spent my childhood floating in and out of bubble baths all across the country, but I soon outgrew the mundane drudgeries of suburban bathroom life. I wanted more, I wanted to see the world. So I packed up my things and hitchhiked to the city. Life there wasn't easy and I soon found myself without any money or a home. I started hanging out in the wrong crowds and became addicted to heroin and crack. Without a job, I turned to prostitution to support my newly developed drug habits. Every sick pervert in the city with a rubber or a duck fetish knew where to find me. They'd sing things like “Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make bath time so much fun,” as they'd have their way with me. I knew if something didn't change soon this life was going to kill me. Luckily, that something did happen. One day, while free basing crack in a room of an all night 25 cent strip club, I overheard a conversation. A man in an expensive suit was in the next room, talking to someone on his cell phone. He was throwing around all these high tech words like 'internet' and 'upload' as well as huge numbers like $10,000. Then I heard the word that turned my head, and ruined my high. Porn. This guy dealt in porn. I knew I had to look into this, after all it combined my two favorite things, money and porn. As he was leaving I approached him outside and asked him about the world of internet porn. We talked for about an hour and he told all the tips of the trade and how to get started. I still needed the money to get started though, so I asked him if I could borrow some. He laughed and told me to fuck off. So I did the only logical thing I could, I beat his ass, mugged him, and rode off in his car. Rich prick. I used the money I stole from him to buy a computer and internet connection and formed Ducky Porn. Now 'm off the streets and off the drugs (well most of the drugs) and I owe it all to porn. Thank you porn, you saved my life. And you the web surfer can help me too by clicking on my sponsors and keeping this site free, as well as keeping this duck off the streets.